Cool Clicks: James Franco and Horror Movies Count

We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to.

[caption id="attachment_15806" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Fox Searchlight"]James Franco in "127 Hours"[/caption]

•  The folks at Moviefone have come up with 127 interesting facts about James Franco. We're just wondering why so few?

•  Forget paint by numbers -- we dig ICanHasInternets' horror movies by numbers infographic.

•  Jay Baruchel and Seann William Scott have a hockey comedy called "Goon" coming out and it looks funny. Wanna know how we know? MTV Movies Blog has first-look images.

•  We all know Morgan Freeman has a really cool voice -- he makes beaucoup bucks doing voiceovers for commercials, after all -- but did he really take the gig talking up a North Carolina politician? Despite the candidate's best effort, FilmDrunk recognizes the immitation Freeman when they hear it.

•  You know what's sexier than Entertainment Weekly's "37 Unforgettable Nude Scenes" feature? Yeah, not much.

•  "Indiana Jones" + National Geographic = a museum exhibit that sounds both educational and totally awesome.

•  When fans reenact their favorite movie scenes, only one thing is certain: hilarity will ensue.

•  This is what Jessica Alba looks like on the set of "Spy Kids 4," thanks to Latino Review.