Saoirse Ronan To Tart It Up, Victorian-Style, For Emma Thompson's 'Effie'

[caption id="attachment_15816" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Saoirse Ronan[/caption]

After playing a murder victim in "The Lovely Bones" and an assassin in the upcoming "Hanna," precocious 16-year-old former Academy Award nominee (for "Atonement") Saoirse Ronan will finally get her shot at being the center of a love triangle... and a racy real-life one no less.

According to Production Weekly, Ronan will play Effie Gray in Emma Thompson's screenplay titled "Effie" about the controversial Victorian socialite who married famed art critic John Ruskin in 1848 and, five year's later, had the unconsummated marriage annulled on the grounds of his "incurable impotency."

She then married Ruskin's protégé, painter John Everett Millais, who had frequently traveled with the couple and even did portraits of Effie commissioned by Ruskin. Saucy!

A society girl divorcing an art critic to marry a painter may seem a rather dry subject in the Perez Hilton era, but this scandal was the Brangelina affair of its day, and has been the subject of several novels and plays. It became such a sensation that Effie Gray was even barred from any events at which Queen Victoria was present.

Thompson will co-star along with the dashing elf/pirate Orlando Bloom, who will most likely play Millais in a dashing manner of some kind. Based on resemblance, English character actor Greg Wise should be portraying Ruskin, who apparently found Effie too icky to get cozy with, yet when his manhood was contested he offered to prove his virility to the court!

How one does such a thing we do not know, but a stenographer with a ruler would have to be involved.