Jamie Chung Has A Thing For Ed Helms in 'Hangover 2'

[caption id="attachment_15418" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Jamie Chung[/caption]

When the mouthwatering Jamie Chung first caught the eye of viewers on MTV's "Real World: San Diego," it said right in her bio that her friends "feel she does not have the best taste in men." Seems those pals were right on the money.

Jamie is betrothed to Ed Helms, or at least plays his fiancé in the Thailand-set "The Hangover 2". Variety is reporting that she will be Helms' character Stu's wife-to-be, but does not mention whether the Korean-American star will be participating in the gang's Bangkok decadence or acting the same fretful bride role Sasha Baresse had in the original.

Here's hoping she gets to be more than just arm candy and display some of the kick-butt moves she does in next year's action-fest "Sucker Punch"! Chung is making other big moves on the fast-track to stardom, with high profile gigs in last summer's "Grown Ups" and the just-wrapped Joseph Gordon-Levitt vehicle "Premium Rush".

In the recently de-Gibsonized sequel to "The Hangover" she'll join the original four members of the wolf pack as well as recently added Liam Neeson and, yes, Mike Tyson, who returns for a rematch: Tyson Vs. Galifianakis 2!!! This time, it's personal.