The True Story of Steven Spielberg's Secret Video Game

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Steven Spielberg's not new to video games, but his top secret canceled project, LMNO, had ambition unlike any other. managed to snag some leaked details that make us pray the project sees the light of day... someday.

What you'd mistake for a string of letters in the middle of the alphabet was actually an action game designed to evoke the emotion of art or film, the medium the made Spielberg famous.

In it, the player would see a world just like ours from the first-person. But unlike our world, which rarely surpasses the stress level of "Are we out of Cheerios," LMNO promises a blockbuster-grade chase across the United States.

Of course, no human can outrun The Man alone, so the player would be partnered with an alien-like female creature named Eve – who, judging from the rare screen, looks like a flesh-color Na'vi.

The full story has plenty more details, so be sure to give it a read. There are some juicy spoilers, in case the off-chance this project ever hits shelves. In the mean time, let's hope Spielberg finds a way to fit this into a film. It's not like the guy's busy making other movies or anything.

Oh wait.