'True Blood' Writer Alan Ball Bites into Dark Comedy Flick

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Writer Alan Ball ("True Blood," "American Beauty") has been pegged to direct a new dark comedy that will be scripted by Elan Mastai, reports Deadline.

This will mark Ball’s second stop in the director’s chair - his first saw him directing Maria Bello and Aaron Eckhart in "Towelhead," an adaptation of Alicia Erian's novel of the same name.

Mastai isn’t a household name yet, but his script "The F-Word" made the industry famous Black List and is currently slated to star Casey Affleck and Ramona Flowers… er, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

No word if the flick will star vampires (we doubt it) or a masturbating Kevin Spacey (we don’t doubt it), but no matter what the case, you can bet we’ll be covering this baby. We loved Alan Ball before he was cool, back when he was writing for "Cybill."