'Saw' Producer Becomes 'Chainsaw' Producer with 'Leatherface 3-D'

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You knew this was coming.

Producer Mark Burg is looking to go from "Saw" to "Chainsaw" as he's prepping the triumphant return of Leatherface to the big screen. And yes, the masked madman's exploits will be in three dimensions.

Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures are currently reworking the "Leatherface 3-D" screenplay, according to Bloody Disgusting.  The script, written by Debra Sullivan and Adam Marcus, picks up moments after the end of the original 1974 film before flash-forwarding 35 years.

Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures acquired the rights to the franchise after Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes opted to call it a day after "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" (2006), the prequel to the 2003 reboot.

No word on the film's plot yet, thought you can bet it will involve hot sweaty young people stranded in the middle of nowhere. And probably screaming.

Oh, just imagine what 3-D delights are in store for us with this one...