'Harry Potter 7' Website Launches, World's Productivity Ceases

[caption id="attachment_11823" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Warner Bros."]Harry Potter[/caption]

Our world has faced no greater threat than it has today.

With the official "Harry Potter 7" website now available on the interwebs, the world's productivity has threatened to drop from "apathetic" to "Who gives a crap," for the first time in months.

Despite your boss' druthers, we have chosen to direct your browser to the site.

Maybe take a look at it after work? Or during lunch? Who are we kidding, you're already looking at it, aren't you? Hey. Hey! Eyes here!

Thanks for staying. We know how tempting Potter can be. As a reward, we have something else special for the budding witch or warlock:  footage!

The folks at Collider have uncovered 12 rough clips, dusted them off and posted them for your pleasure. Who cares if they're only seconds long, it's "Potter" footage. Moguls can't be choosers.

Friendly reminder, you will be able to see the complete "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part "1 – not just a couple seconds – November 19th. We've already reserved our tickets.

Go to the Harry Potter homepage! Actually, try not to all at once – for productivity's sake!

Then come back here for more juicy NextMovie goodness.