John Carpenter Gets Demonic With 'Darkchylde'

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John Carpenter: Back with a Vengeance.

After a nine-year hiatus from feature filmmaking, the director of such horror landmarks as "Halloween" and "The Thing" returned a couple of months ago with a new tale of terror, "The Ward," which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.

Carpenter has since made it clear it won't be another nine years before he makes another film, as Collider reports that he's signed on to direct "Darkchylde," the film adaptation of the comic book series created by Randy Queen.

An edgy, grungy alternative to superhero comics that launched in the summer of 1996, "Darkchylde" chronicles the adventures of Ariel Chylde, a southern teen cursed to turn into the monsters from her nightmares. Every time she transforms, she goes on an id-driven rampage of demonic derring-do.

It is, of course, the greatest comic book series ever made.

Kudos to whomever wrote the press release for "Darkchylde," as they've now set the bar higher for great opening tags: "The Master of Horror is set to bring you the Girl of Your Dreams." Who thinks they can top that?

Carpenter is also attached to direct "Fangland," a vampire tale based on the novel by John Marks. Of course, he could be attached to direct a Kool-Aid commercial and we'd be excited about it.