Exploring the World of Kristen Stewart's Lesbian Fanbase

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Last week, MTV asked Kristen Stewart the biggest question on every Twi-Hard's mind over the last six months: Is she aware of Krisbians?

(Well, the second biggest question, after "Will you marry me, Rob?")

In true Stewart fashion, she uncomfortably mumbles that she is indeed aware of them. While she seems to get a kick out of them in her own sad-core way, she does add that Krisbians piss her brother off, though she doesn't say doesn't say which brother. She has three, so either Cameron, Dana or Taylor is the new Krisbian Enemy No. 1, replacing Robert Pattinson (only hated for jealousy reasons of course).

For those few Twi-Hards who don't know, a Krisbian is a woman who is gay for K-Stew (Kristen + Lesbian = Krisbian). You don't have to be a lesbian to be a Krisbian. As the writer of Gay for Tay blog will say, you don't have to be gay "to be gay" for Taylor Lautner either.

To understand Krisbians further, I contacted Alexa, the web-mistress of F**k Yeah Krisbians! Her blog is dedicated to every girl crushing on Kristen Stewart and features hundreds of images and animated GIFs of Stewart on film and in public. She is obsessed and doesn't care if the world knows, which her mantra sums up: "Haters to the left and P***y to the wood, btw."

"I see Kristen being Kristen and all the sudden, I feel so lesbian," writes Alexa, a 17-year-old living in Mexico. "Then I look at some other girl and well… it just doesn’t happen. I consider myself as bisexual because honestly, I would do a girl, but you get the point."

Hmm, not sure I do. And it doesn't seem like Alexa does either. She would hypothetically break up with Ian Somerhalder for Stewart, claims to be "so gay and [doesn't] even like girls" and brags about being "fat and wear[s] skinny jeans. Suck on that." But it's alright, I'm sure long nights of cheap tequila and college will help her further explore and sort out her sexuality.

My chat with Alexa of F**k Yeah Krisbians:

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Male TwiHard: Did you invent the term Krisbians? Or know who did?

Alexa: No, I didn't invent it and I don't know who actually invented it either, but I first heard of it in a Kristen fan community at Live Journal. Kudos to the mastermind who invented that awesome term!

MTH: Kudos indeed. How long has your site been up?

Alexa: It's been up for like six months.

MTH: Are most Krisbians gay or straight?

Alexa: Wow, that's tough. I personally know more straight Krisbians. I know a few bisexual and lesbian Kristen fans, but the ones that I know are mostly straight.

MTH: How many active followers do you have?

Alexa: If by active you mean the ones that constantly re-blog my posts, I think it's less than 300. My blog has 1,983 followers right at this second.

MTH: What's your best moment since creating the blog?

Alexa: Well, I think every moment of it has been pretty good, but for me the best moments are when [Krisbians] defend me when people bash me. I am aware that the blog goes on because of Kristen, but I think it's really sweet when people stand up for me when I get hate. Well, that happened once, maybe twice, but it was still really sweet and I'm really grateful for that.

MTH: Will there be Krisbian conventions?

Alexa: I doubt conventions are in the near-future, but maybe some local meet-ups.

MTH: Have you heard of terms like "Krisbian" for other "Twilight" cast members?

Alexa: I don't know. I'm sure there are guys who are gay for Robert Pattinson.

Since the queen of Krisbians herself doesn't know, consider the following list as my contribution to the Twi-Hard movement. I christen thee... 

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• Gaylors: Guys gay for Taylor Lautner

 PattinSons: Illegitimate children who believe Robert Pattinson is their daddy

Drickheads: Irritating guys who adore Anna Kendrick

Dakota Dakotans: North and South Dakotans who are fans of Dakota Fanning

Lutzonians: Masculine women (Amazonians) who love Kellan Lutz

Rathboneys: Frightenly skinny fans of Jackson Rathbone

Facinecros: Dead fans of Peter Facinelli

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