Bruce Willis: Death is Not an Option For 'The Expendables'

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Who's going to be in "The Expendables 2?"  According to Bruce Willis, if  Sly Stallone gets his way, pretty much everyone -- whether they made it out alive in the first movie or not.

Willis spoke to at the press junket for "Red" and revealed that Stallone is aiming even higher as far as casting goes for the "Expendables" sequel.

"I talked to Sly and he's going for all the marbles this time, and he's going to get everybody in this time," said Willis.

"Even Stone Cold Steve Austin, who took two bullets in the last film, he's coming back, too. Hopefully, they'll start shooting it while we're young enough to survive."

This is exciting news, of course, but it's more fun to speculate as to what new cast members Stallone might be able to score for the sequel.  There's got to be roles for the likes of Carl Weathers, Gary Busey, Mr. T, Jesse Ventura, Rutger Hauer, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bill Duke, Jeff Speakman, Christopher Walken, Steven Seagal, Robert Loggia and The Rock, right?

Hear us, Stallone: Get them all.