'TRON Night' Begins Reprogramming the Real World

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Last night, fans around the country gathered around the country for "TRON Night," a special sneak peek at the wildly anticipated upcoming sci-fi Disney blockbuster "TRON: Legacy" -- and now, less than a day later, the first exclusive clip from the event has already appeared online.

But this isn't some kind of bootleg iPhone recording; the folks behind "TRON: Legacy" released the clip themselves via their twitter feed as part of their carefully designed promotional plan to reprogram the minds of movie fans everywhere.

And boy, is it working.

While Disney still hasn't leaked the rest of the 23 minutes worth of scenes and clips from "TRON Night," this short sequence showing Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) and his mysterious new femme fatale friend Quorra (Olivia Wilde) driving through the TRON-scape is enough to get even the most casual fan pumped. It's true that the footage is maybe a bit dark -- making it hard to tell just how good the CGI backgrounds are -- but the cool car they're in more than makes up for it. Hey, looks like neon isn't just for the undercarriage any more, brah.

So check it out and keep your eyes peeled. Because the "TRON: Legacy" download has begun and one way or another, Disney is planning to make you part of the program.