Are You Ready For Some Zombie Football?!

[caption id="attachment_14794" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Simon & Schuster"]"Play Dead" book cover[/caption]

Zombies are, like, so hot at the moment.

And, now, they're about toss around the ole pigskin.

Mark Canton and Lucky VIII Films are, too, as they've optioned Ryan Brown's debut novel, "Play Dead" (which now joins the ranks of Best Book Titles Ever).

According to Variety, "Play Dead" revolves around football player zombies bent on revenge in a gridiron-obsessed Texas town. 

We don't think there's been a more perfect pitch in Hollywood for years.

Joe Schreiber, a novelist himself, will be adapting the screenplay.  Schreiber also had a book with a great title recently optioned for feature film treatment, "Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick." 

Producer Mark Canton certainly knows his zombies, as he previously produced George Romero's "Land of the Dead."  Canton will also be developing a comic book and video game based on "Play Dead."

Are you reading this, aspiring novelists?  Write yourself a zombie book and Hollywood will take care of the rest.