Ben Stiller Talks 'Tropic Thunder' Spin-Off

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Few movie cameos are so good they actually steal the show, but Tom Cruise definitely pulled the rug out from under Ben Stiller and Robert Downy Jr. as everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed movie producer Les Grossman in "Tropic Thunder."  So when a full-length Les Grossman film crossed our radar, we were ready to throw on some Ludacris and bust a move in celebration.

There's been little news since the announcement, but Ben Stiller recently dropped an update to MTV News, saying, "a script is being written now."

As for any celebrity cameos, Stiller didn't name names but stated, "There'll probably be a few, actually, 'cause [Les Grossman is] really instrumental in all of their careers. He's really the puppet master."

Check out MTV News for video of Stiller chatting about the abusive movie maker.