Tom Cruise, Taylor Swift Tuning Up for 'Rock of Ages' Movie?

[caption id="attachment_14602" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Tom Cruise and Taylor Swift[/caption]

A movie featuring Tom Cruise in a mullet and Taylor Swift in acid-washed jeans? We're so there!

The Playlist reports that both stars are being wooed to headline a big-screen adaptation of Broadway's "Rock of Ages."

The '80s era musical tells the story of a small-town Kansas girl who moves to Hollywood to make it big, and falls in love with a rocker while tending bar at a club. In the middle of all of this, they sport Spandex, big hair, and belt out tunes by Whitesnake, Poison, Journey and other once-hot hair bands.

Swift, who last appeared on screen in "Valentine's Day," is attached to the role of said small-town girl, while Cruise has reportedly been offered the role of the film's bartender, who narrates the plot for those having difficulty following the song-filled storyline. The "Mission: Impossible 4" star is said to have been eager to do a musical for quite some time.

We're already holding up our lighters backlit cellphones at the thought of him singing "I Want to Know What Love Is."