Cool Clicks: Horror Movie Death-O-Rama

We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to.

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•  "Saw" fans like their grisly death scenes -- you can't really enjoy the franchise without a strong stomach and a taste for gore. Moviefone did us all a solid by cutting out those pesky non-fatal moments with the "Saw" death montage.

•  An in related news, Screenrant has a guide of the "Saw" series to date, in case you need a little brushing up before the big "3-D."

•  Olivia Wilde NEEDS you. (Don't get too excited, she just wants you to vote -- but she's asking you from the year 2050!!)

•  His taste in dress robes is suspicious, but we're sure Ron "Rupert Grint" Weasley's taste in film is better. Rotten Tomatoes has Grint's top 5.

•  MTV Geek got their hands on the some of the coolest movie action figures we've ever seen. They're for "Scott Pilgrim," obvi.

•  Thanks for the downer, i09. It's the lamest Dracula death ever!