Michael Sheen Sparkles Again for ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’

[caption id="attachment_14331" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Summit"]Michael Sheen in "The Twilight Saga: New Moon"[/caption]

This time of year, most people are feverishly trying to decide on just the right Halloween costume. A ghost, maybe, or a pirate? Or what about a witch?

British superstar Michael Sheen doesn't have those concerns this year, because he's already decided on the perfect look: a vampire.

Not one of those icky vampires, mind you, but the sparkly kind, as Empire is reporting that Sheen will be returning to "The Twilight Saga" as Volturi leader Aro for "Breaking Dawn."

This isn't a total surprise, of course, as Sheen played Aro in 2009's "New Moon." And there's that whole big showdown scene toward the end of the final book.

Still, until now his participation in "Breaking Dawn," which is scheduled to be split into two parts due to the epicness of the storyline, has merely been an unofficial rumor.

Fans still have a little longer to wait to see Aro up on the big screen again, though; the first installment of "Breaking Dawn" isn't scheduled to hit theaters until November 18, 2011.

When he's not playing vampires, of course, Sheen is best known for portraying former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in a number of movie and television events including "The Queen" and "The Special Relationship." He also earned acclaim for his part as David Frost in the 2008 best Picture nominee "Frost/Nixon."

Still, it's his role as Aro, ancient leader of the widely feared Volturi clan, that has Twihards all atwitter. And he's likely to turn a few more heads this time, as both Aro and the Volturi play a much larger part in "Breaking Dawn" than they did in "New Moon."