PT Walkley Croons Nicely for 'Nice Guy Johnny'

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So when do you officially become a grown-up?

It's a deceptively simple question. Is it 18, the time you can vote and buy cigarettes? 21, when you can legally buy alcohol? Or, in one 2003 study, 26, the average age Americans begin to think about marriage, children and supporting a family?

If you're Johnny Rizzo (Matt Bush), the protagonist in Ed Burns' latest, "Nice Guy Johnny," the question is far from hypothetical.Working a low-paying, but fun, job as a late-night sports radio host, Johnny made a vow to his fiancée Claire (Anna Wood) that if he wasn't making $50,000 a year by the time he turned 25, he'd take a job at her father's company and give up the radio gig. On his way to the meeting with Claire's father, Johnny meets her womanizing uncle Terry (Burns) and, without spoiling anything, he begins to have a change of heart about the direction of his life.

For the soundtrack to the romantic indie comedy-drama, Burns enlisted PT Walkley, a New York City musician, to write the original score and contribute 12 new songs for the film. The soundtrack shifts between shimmering Beatles-esque pop ("Beautiful Ride"), rootsy country rock ("Oh My Darling," "Something More") and eerie, cooing singer-songwriter in the vein of Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith ("Why," "Save The World").

This is the fourth movie Walkley has worked on for Burns, having contributed tracks for 2004's "Looking For Kitty," 2006's "The Groomsmen" and 2007's "Purple Violets. " A regular at New York institution Joe's Pub, Walkley has appeared with Coldplay at Madison Square Garden and Weezer at Hammerstein Ballroom.

Full Tracklist:

1. Beautiful Ride

2. What's What

3. Aquarius

4. Something More

5. The Radio

6. This Life

7. Why

8. Forgiven

9. Oh My Darling

10. Punch Drunk

11. Surgeon General

12. Sneaky Pete

13. Saturday

14. Save The World (Acoustic Version)

15. Somebody