A 24-Year-Old Russell Crowe Struts His Stuff in 'Rocky Horror'

[caption id="attachment_3347" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Russell Crowe[/caption]

In case the sheer thought of Sue Sylvester sashaying into "Glee"'s "Rocky Horror Picture Show" episode tonight isn't enough to get your Frank-N-Furter in front of the tele, check out this vintage Russell Crowe performance of the cult classic.

In the 1988 Australian production (dug up by Vulture), a 24-year-old Crowe struts his stuff as both the chest-baring Eddie and the wheelchair-bound Dr. Everett Scott.

While "Glee"'s take on Transsexual, Transylvania will likely be toned down for TV, Crowe lets it all hang out. Apparently, even before he was famous, the actor knew how to sing, dance and work a garter belt. It's official: this doctor is very in!