'Yellow Submarine' Production "All Ahead Full"

[caption id="attachment_14003" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="United Artists"]"Yellow Submarine"[/caption]

We've heard of method acting before, but this may be the first instance of method directing, as Robert Zemeckis has begun answering questions about his proposed "Yellow Submarine" remake in nautical jargon.

This courtesy of Cinematical, which caught up to the acclaimed director to find out the status of his 3-D motion capture animated updating of the classic Beatles cartoon. His response? "All ahead full."

If you're not quite sure just what that means, don't worry, because we have a copy of "Jane's Fighting Ships" right here and apparently "all ahead full" is submariner speak for "full speed ahead," which in this case we're pretty sure means the movie is proceeding as planned.

This is good news for people curious to see what the director of previous groundbreaking CGI features "Beowulf'" and "The Polar Express" might do with the trippy 1968 movie that featured music from The Beatles in a psychedelic undersea landscape.

Production on the film, which is set to star Cary Elwes, Peter Serafinowicz, Adam Campbell and Dean Lennox Kelly as the voice of the Fab Four, had been expected to begin in April until rumors recently surfaced that the movie had been scuttled -- rumors started by, of all people, "Doctor Who's" David Tennant, who is up for the role of the villainous Blue Meanie.

Tennant's televised assertion that "the film has gone away," however, now seems to have been refuted by Zemeckis. Of course, it's possible that the "Back to the Future" director simply got the date wrong for "Talk Like A Pirate Day," but otherwise, you can start booking your tickets for passage to Pepperland.

"Yellow Submarine" is scheduled to surface in theaters in 2012.