Mark Wahlberg Loves His Seth MacFarlane 'Ted'dy Bear

[caption id="attachment_13994" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Seth McFarlane and Mark Wahlberg[/caption]

Marky Mark and his teddy bear -- best friends forever!

Mark Wahlberg buddied up with Will Ferrell this past summer with "The Other Guys," but now he's got a new buddy -- a giant walking, talking teddy bear that's probably going to curse a lot.

We  speak of "Ted," the live-action directorial debut of "Family Guy" maestro Seth MacFarlane.  Deadline reports that Wahlberg as signed on to star as a regular Boston joe whose childhood wish that his teddy bear come to life came true.

The boy and his bear are still best friends, but the bear is starting to get in the way of the boy committing to adulthood, meaning there will probably be a scene where the bear interrupts the boy having sex with his hot girlfriend.

Speaking of cursing and sex with hot girlfriends, everyone's making a big deal out of the fact that this movie will be R-rated, so we'll jump on the bandwagon and mention it here, too: This movie will be R-rated.  And will probably reference "Star Wars" at least 57 times.

Now, if someone could find a way to somehow merge this film with the "Crow" remake, which Wahlberg is also supposedly attached to... that would be something.