Is That MC Hammer Dressed as Darth Vader?

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We know MC Hammer fell on hard times, declaring bankruptcy after being $13 million in debt. Is this how he's making back his fortune -- one Disney "Star Wars" Weekend at a time?

At Disney's Hollywood Studios' celebration of George Lucas's mega-franchise, actors from the films make appearances, stormtroopers march in formation and there's even a Jedi Training Academy for youngsters. 

But you probably won't see many hardcore fans there -- they would surely have a collective heart attack upon seeing Darth Vader bust a move to the tune of MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This." Their hearts are already weak from sitting through the prequels.

Doubtful, sure, but u can't not touch the thought of it being MC Hammer himself under that helmet. The guy absolutely nails the steps. Vader, don't hurt 'em!