Jack Black to Teach 'How to Survive a Robot Uprising'

[caption id="attachment_13735" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Bloomsbury USA"]"How to Survive a Robot Uprising" by Daniel H. Wilson[/caption]

If zombies are the new vampires, then it looks like robots are gonna be the new zombies.

(We're NextMovie, after all. We know these things).

Hot on the (metal) heels of news that Steven Spielberg himself will be directing the adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson's novel, "Robopocalypse," comes word that Jack Black and "Hot Tub Time Machine" director Steve Pink have optioned Wilson's other robot book, "How to Survive a Robot Uprising."

"Uprising" is something of the funhouse-mirror companion piece to the more serious "Robopocalypse."

According to io9, the book was originally optioned by Mike Myers but has been sitting around long enough for Black and Pink to swoop in and snag it for themselves.

No word yet on whether Black will actually be starring in the film (though he probably will, as a hardened survivor, surely).  For now, Pink is working on the script, which will chronicle what will probably be one of the most terrifying apocalyptic scenarios ever conjured.

Robots taking over the earth!  Horrible.