Check This: R2D2 Swimsuit

[caption id="attachment_12933" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Everett Collection"][/caption]

The major problem with droids is they just don't mix well with the beach. Their wheels get mucked up with sand, they don't tan very well, and don't even try to take one swimming or all you'll end up with is a very expensive rusty paperweight.

Still, Australian designer James Lillis has come up with a reasonable compromise: the R2D2 bathing suit. This classic one piece will be the envy of any summertime gathering, despite its lack of a holographic projector and nonsensical beeping sounds.

What better outfit to wear on your next trip to your favorite seaside destination.

We should offer this warning, though: May cause nerds to flock to you. [via BoingBoing]