Check This: 'Casablanca' Without Smoking

[caption id="attachment_12263" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Warner Bros."]Casablanca[/caption]

Long before the existence of the MPAA and the ratings system we now know and love, the world still made movies.  After the ratings system was implemented a lot of those movies were given default G ratings because nothing offensive could have happened before 1970, especially back when things were black and white. 

Times have changed though and the MPAA has finally woken up to the horror that is all that damn smoking in the 1942 cinema classic "Casablanca." Word is they were prepared to slap it with an R rating.

But to avoid the dreaded "R" and to ensure countless children will be spared a (shortened) lifetime of stained fingers and hacking coughs, Warner Bros. (or some anonymous internet whiz) has done the world a service by editing out any objectionable cancer causing agents

Here it is, folks, "Casablanca" sanitized for your protection.