My Favorite Movie: Adrien Brody

[caption id="attachment_12199" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images / Paramount"]Adrien Brody, "The Godfather" poster[/caption]

"'The Godfather' is a combination of superb acting, very skilled, complex directing, beautiful cinematography, epic storytelling and it's a genre that's been done so many times but doesn't quite match up…

"It has Brando, it has De Niro, it has all these actors in it. James Caan is amazing in it… John Cazale is such a f**king gifted actor and he's so amazing in that movie, you overlook what a phenomenal performance that is because it's so normal -- you believe Fredo is Fredo… 

"I always go back to 'The Godfather' as something that—and I feel most young guys feel that way, for one reason or another -- they love mafia culture but it goes beyond that… It's a little stylized but I also think it's very true to immigrant Italian life and reliance on keeping it within the neighborhood and the family and all these things. It's great storytelling and that's timeless."

Adrien Brody can be seen in "Predators," out on DVD on Tuesday, Oct. 19, and "Splice," which was released on DVD earlier this month.

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