Bradley Cooper: The Fastest Man Alive?

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For years, Warner Bros. and DC Comics have been trying to figure out some way to get The Flash onto the big screen but to no avail, which is a bit ironic; after all, you wouldn't think the "fastest man alive" would get bogged down in the slowest development ever.

So when rumors began swirling that Bradley Cooper was up for the role, fans jumped at the thought that The Flash may finally be ready for his moment in the spotlight.

There's just one little problem: Cooper has never heard of The Flash. Or so he says.

That's what he told IGN yesterday -- when asked if he was going to play the lead role in "The Flash," Cooper responded with a terse "I've never heard of it."

Of course, for long-time Cooper watchers, that means exactly nothing, as Cooper has a long history of talking nonsense to the media. Case in point: his role as Face in "The A-Team," which he fervently denied right up until the moment the studio made their official announcement. Heck, he may still be denying it now even though the movie has been out for months. The guy just likes to play it close to the vest when it comes to career decisions.

Frankly, the fact that he issued such a strange denial -- The Flash might not be the most famous member of the Justice League but he's still got a pretty high Q-Rating, plus every actor in Hollywood has to know Warner Bros. has been developing Flash for years -- makes us more suspicious that he actually will be playing The Flash.

Which Flash he might be playing, of course, is just one of the questions the studio has been wrestling with; Cooper seems to be too old to play the Wally West version, while the Barry Allen version of Flash is a bit too straight-laced for Cooper. And while the original, Jay Garrick, might be a good fit, it seems unlikely that Warner Bros. is going to want to set the movie during World War II, although at this point, who knows.

Whatever the truth behind "The Flash" rumor, rest assured, as soon as we get any concrete information you'll be the first to know.

We just won't be asking Cooper.

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