Nic Cage Has Major Road Rage in 'Drive Angry' Trailer

[caption id="attachment_11979" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Summit"]Drive Angry poster[/caption]

Anyone who has ever driven a car has experienced at least a few moments of road rage. Maybe someone cut you off, or ran through a red light or was too busy texting their baby mama to avoid that squirrel.

But no matter how much seething hatred you feel when you slip behind the wheel, chances are you've got nothing on Nicolas Cage.

And based on the new trailer for "Drive Angry," Nic has plenty of beef, because holy smokes, this is some sick mojo being tossed around.

Here's the premise: Cage is a major league badass who has escaped from hell in order to avenge his daughter's death and rescue his grandbaby from the Satan cult who did the deed. This doesn't sit too well with Ol' Scratch, who sends his personal assistant to help the cult rub Cage out.

For real, that's the plot. And judging by this clip, it's just as over-the-top goofy/awesome as you might expect from that premise; the film looks like the bastard child of "Ghost Rider" and "Bullitt" and would have easily fit in as the third movie in "Grindhouse." That's pretty high praise from where we're sitting.

And it doesn't hurt that the gorgeous Amber Heard, "Twilight" dad Billy Burke and creepy (but awesome) William Fichter round out the rest of the cast.

So check out the trailer courtesy of Yahoo! Movies and see what all the hype is about. And stay off the highway. Because even though Cage says that "hell is walking the Earth," from the looks of things, hell's actually on four wheels and looking to play some chicken.