Adrien Brody Wakes Up 'Wrecked'

[caption id="attachment_11847" align="alignright" width="220" caption="Independent Edge Films"]Wrecked poster[/caption]

Imagine waking up in a trashed car with three dead guys at a remote location in the wild with no recollection of who you are or how you got there.  No, it's not "The Hangover" sequel, but it is the new vehicle for Oscar winner Adrien Brody, "Wrecked."

The new MTV exclusive trailer reveals very few plot details other than the fact that Brody’s on the run from the authorities after a radio bulletin describes him as the perpetrator of a bank robbery/murder.  It’s like "The Bourne Identity" meets "Cast Away."

Brody's problems only multiply as he finds himself shot at by unseen snipers, facing off against mountain lions, and swept away by a vicious river—which we can only assume leads to a waterfall—all while battling his slipping sanity.  It’s got all the hallmarks of a good trailer, raising more questions than it gives answers.  Check out MTV Movies Blog for more madness.