‘Breaking Dawn’ Casts a Slew of New Vampires

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Has Summit Entertainment gone completely batty with its latest casting for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn?" Certainly seems so!

The studio has just released the names of a whole slew of actors who will sink their teeth into the roles of the Amazon, Irish, Romanian, and Egyptian Covens as well as the European and American Nomads.

Among those joining the undead for the two-part finale, due in theaters on Nov. 18, 2011, and Nov. 16, 2012, respectively:

The Amazon Coven – Judi Shekoni (the UK's "EastEnders") and Tracey Heggins ("Brothers and Sisters") will portray Zafrina and Senna, descendents of an ancient Amazonian tribe. Though these vamps drink blood, they are allies with veggie vampire Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli).

The Irish Coven – The young, bloodthirsty-but-civilized group consists of Marlane Barnes ("The Tree of Life") as Maggie, and Lisa Howard and Patrick Brennan as founders Siobhan and Liam.

The Romanian Coven - Noel Fisher ("Final Destination 2") and Guri Weinberg ("Munich") are Vladimir and Stefan, members of the Romanian Coven, which ruled for centuries until the Italian Volturi unseated them. And yes, they're still bitter.

The Egyptian Coven – Though not related by blood, this close-knit bunch – consisting of Omar Metwally ("Rendition") as Amun, Andrea Gabriel ("Lost") as Kebi, Rami Malek ("Night at the Museum") as Benjamin, and Angela Sarafyan ("The Good Guys") as Tia -- sure could pass for one.

The American Nomads – Former "Pushing Daisies" star Lee Pace is Carlisle's old friend Garrett, a non-vegan vampire who was "turned" during the Revolutionary War and has wandered the world ever since. Erik Odom and Valorie Curry ("Veronica Mars") are lovers Peter and Charlotte, who are also pals of Jasper Cullen (Jackson Rathbone). Toni Trucks ("Music and Lyrics") and Bill Tangradi ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles") round out the group as Mary and Randall.

The European Nomads – "The Crazies" star Joe Anderson will get his wild on as misanthropic English nomad Alistair, who, despite being a close acquaintance of Carlisle, doesn't visit more than once a century. But hopefully, he brings coffee cake.