Cool Clicks: Kristen Stewart Has a Dirty Mouth

We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to.

[caption id="attachment_10358" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Samuel Goldwyn Films"]Kristen Stewart and Melissa Leo in "Welcome to the Rileys"[/caption]

•  Someone pass the Orbit gum -- Kristen Stewart has a dirty mouth. Watch her explain to James Gandolfini in freaky detail what she will and won't do in the NSFW clip of "Welcome to the Rileys" New York Magazine scored.

•  You might want to grab an icy beverage and sit down. Chris Pine is on the cover of Details magazine and, yeah, it's hot.

•  Wanna see the teaser trailer for "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides?" Too bad. You'll have to wait until "TRON: Legacy" hits theaters, producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweets.

•  MTV's Clutch blog is getting all meta while number-munching Hollywood style. But the results are pretty darn funny.

•  Think Josh Brolin would make a good J.R. Ewing? So do the folks at MSN's Wonderwall, who've created a sweet gallery outlining their fantasy casting for a movie version of the '80 primetime soap, "Dallas." Do you agree with their picks?

•  Think "Back to the Future" was the only movie Eric Stoltz didn't get to finish? Best Week Ever has five more films the actor may have been fired from. Ouch!

•  "Toy Story" + "True Grit" = "Toy Grit."

•  This is scary because we couldn't have said it better ourselves. Screenrant has come up with five ways to save the horror movie genre.

•  Someone may have put the idea in your head that playing a character from "Inception" would make your Halloween extra-spooky. Thankfully, Moviefone can help with your costume.

•  Author Judy Blume is tweeting (!) about the film adaptation of "Tiger Eyes" (!) and its stars, Tatanka Means and "The O.C."'s Willa Holland (!).

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