WWJD: What Won't the 'Jackass' Guys Do?

[caption id="attachment_11590" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Paramount"]The cast of "Jackass 3-D"[/caption]

Somewhere, there simply has to be a line.

After watching the guys of "Jackass 3-D" take a gazillion hits to the nuts and slingshot themselves through the air in a poo-filled Porta-Potty, it seems difficult to imagine, but there must be a few things those boys just won't do.

Alas, for some of them, answering that simple question may have been that line.

We sent our gorgeous NextMovie Daily host, McKenna Maduli, to interrogate those rough-and-tumblers about what it takes to make them say, "No way, Jose."

Johnny Knoxville: Even stuff I don't like that much – like cold weather or water – I will still do stuff in those but I'm not happy about it.

Bam Margera: The problem is, what I wouldn't do happens. You get sabotaged. If I could think of my worst fear ever, it would be falling into a pit of snakes and not being able to get out. And that's exactly what these A-holes did to me.

Chris Pontius: I don't say no to anything unless there are better people to do it.

Jeff Tremaine: The best way is to deflect: "Hey, I will do this, but Ehren over there, it would be a lot funnier if he did it." And then they just steer over to him.

Ryan Dunn: If you say no to something, someone is going to heckle you into doing it anyways so you are procrastinating the inevitable. So we don't say no very often. I said no to getting naked. That was really it.

Wee Man: There really is no line to draw.

Dave England: There is no use struggling.