Check This: Ladies of Film Go With the Flow (Chart)

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How do you differentiate an Adorable Klutz from a Damsel In Distress? Overthinking It's feminist blogger Shana Mlawski knows how -- she created what could be the definitive flowchart of every single female stereotype character in fiction film.

The intense graphic is a response to the current hubbub regarding the supposedly misogynistic depiction of women in "The Social Network". While David Fincher's film features Rashida Jones's no-nonsense lawyer and Rooney Mara as Mark Zuckerberg's smart, brutally honest ex-girlfriend, it also depicts many women as mere fodder for the ultranerds.

According to Mlawski's chart, most of the "Network"'s women would fall under the category of "Real Doll", "Clingy Girlfriend", or "The Trophy" (with an alluring picture of Megan Fox next to it).

Hopefully, in the future, someone will be able to make something that graphs the flowchart's bitingly untapped "Strong Female Character" box, but until then, perhaps Hollywood can stop with the elevator eyes and start creating some ladies we can believe in.

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