Check This: 'Star Trek' DEmotivational Posters

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Ask any devoted "Star Trek" fan and they will tell you that the series isn't just an entertaining lark where men can explore their fantasies about making sex with green-skinned women in a '60s vision of the future utopia of racial equality.

To these people the universe of "Trek" is a philosophy, a guide to living one's life. For many, "Star Trek" is the motivation to get up out of bed (or just "mattress") every morning and face the world.

But on the other side of the coin (the side with the evil goatee), "Star Trek" can serve as some pretty heavy demotivation as well, which is why the guys over at Furious Fan Boys present us with a whopping 25 demotivational posters from the Trekker universe.

No locker room is complete without one.

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