In the 'Faster' Trailer, The Rock's All Kill! Kill! Kill!

[caption id="attachment_11135" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="CBS Films"]Dwayne Johnson in "Faster"[/caption]

You know the old saying: speed kills.

And now Hollywood is giving us perhaps the fastest killer of all in the form of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, so buckle up, because the throttle is wide open on this runaway action bus.

Okay, that might be taking the metaphor a bit too far, but you can forgive us for being a little giddy over the new trailer for "Faster" and the prospect of The Rock finally leaving all those kid-friendly comedies behind to do what he was born to do: put a righteous hurting on the guilty.

And this time around he gets to do plenty of that, as "Faster" tells the story of a guy on a particularly fatal vengeance spree: armed with a car, a gun and a list of people whose betrayal led to his brother's death, The Rock races across the screen exacting bloody retribution while being tracked down by both a hired killer and an implacable cop -- played to the hilt by one Billy Bob Thornton.

Check out the new trailer, courtesy of Yahoo! and get ready for the ride of your life -- or maybe the ride of your death.