The 'Jackass' Beginner's Guide to 'Jackass 3D'

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Want to see "Jackass 3D" but afraid you won't get all the references or subtleties because you missed the trilogy's first two installments?

Well, we don't want you sitting home alone this weekend while all your friends enjoy stunts like The Poo Cocktail Supreme.

So in case you missed the first two movies and want to see the third (what was that like hibernating under that rock?), or just want a quick refresher, here's what you need to know about "Jackass: The Movie" and "Jackass Number Two."

Oh, spoiler alert.

'Jackass: The Movie'

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The first movie opens with the cast riding in a giant shopping cart as smoke, explosives and projectiles trigger around them. It follows with a trip to Japan, some stunts fans came to expect from the "Jackass" MTV show as well as some Standards and Practices never would have allowed on television.


There's a doodie left in a hardware store's toilet display, bungie wedgies, bottle-rocket roller skates, wasabi snooters, bottle rockets shot from anuses, and a springboard into a ceiling fan.

Chris Pontius's Party Boy character embarrasses Japanese citizens by stripping in the streets and by night the fellas dress in panda costumes to terrorize Tokyo.

Johnny Knoxville tests just how much rental car insurance will cover. Later, he takes a beanbag rifle shot to the belly, lets a baby alligator nibble his nipple and flips a cart during a golf cart derby.

Wee Man attempts breaking a brick with his head and later kicks himself in the head. MVP Steve-O walks a tightrope over an alligator pond and feeds whale sharks from his thong.

However, Steve-O won't do the most talked about stunt because his father threatens to disown him if he does. Underdog Ryan Dunn steps up to the task and inserts a toy car in his rectum. Then he goes to a doctor, says he passed out drunk at a party and now his butt hurts. An X-ray later, the doctor is very concerned about what he finds.


For the finale, the cast tried to organize a human Rube Goldberg stunt to launch Knoxville into a lake. Even though it doesn't work, the effort is impressive.

'Jackass Number Two'

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The entire cast returns, plus there are celebrity cameos, including an especially memorable one by executive producer Spike Jonze. The film opens with the main players being chased by angry bulls through a neighborhood. Guys are knocked out until, eventually, only Knoxville remains. He's able to deliver his intro before several bulls push him through a window.


The guys attempt BMX stunts on old-timey bicycles, get bees dumped on them in a limo, step on rakes on purpose, and shock Wee Man with an electrified stool.

Knoxville outdoes his beanbag rifle shot by taking on a whole box of riot pellets. He also dresses up like an old man to shock people by letting "his grandson" drink and smoke in public, then exposes fake old man junk in another scene.

Bam Margara gets branded cowboy-style and later allows a strong man to launch a dildo at his bum with a carnival strength test. Steve-0 puts a leach on his eyeball.

Surprisingly, acclaimed director Spike Jonze does perhaps the funniest prank by dressing as an elderly woman, exposing a fake old lady breast.


The finale works out this time with a Busby Berkeley-style musical number where the guys sing and dance along to "The Best of Times" while pummeled during violent stunts.