Chemical Brothers Score the Score to Joe Wright's Assassin Flick

[caption id="attachment_10882" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Chemical Brothers[/caption]

Joe Wright's new assassin thriller doesn't just have an Oscar-nominated starlet and a former Hulk.

It also has a leader in electronica.

The director revealed during New York Comic Con that The Chemical Brothers, those big beat and house veterans, have been tapped to compose the score for his upcoming film, "Hanna."

The Playlist has the full quote from Wright, a friend of the group since the mid-1990s:

“The Chemical Brothers are doing the score for the whole film. I've been talking to them, and we're very excited about that. I’ve known them for a number of years.

"When I first left college I set up a company called Vegetable Vision, which was a lightshow company, and we used to go around doing projections at raves and nightclubs. We met the Chemicals back then, about '94, '95, and I've known them ever since.

"I was very excited to work with them on the score, as you know, my previous films have sounded very classical, working with Dario Marinelli, he won the Oscar for the 'Atonement' score. But I was very excited to do something with a lot of bass. It’s very loud.”

Wright is best known for helming high-end artsy flicks such as "Atonement" and 2005's "Pride and Prejudice," yet takes a stylistic detour with this tale of a teenage assassin (Saoirse Ronan) sent on a mission by her father (Eric Bana).

The Chemical Brothers are no strangers to seeing their music in film, having contributed the 1995 hit "Alive Alone" to the sci-fi TV show "Virtuality," the 2001 track "Galaxy Bounce" for "Tomb Raider"  and "My Elastic Eye" for 2004's "The Butterfly Effect."