'Twilight' Star Elizabeth Reaser Joins Jason Reitman's 'Young Adult'

Elizabeth ReaserFor Elizabeth Reaser, there will apparently be life after "Twilight." 

TheWrap reports that the actress has joined the cast of director Jason Reitman's latest team-up with screenwriter Diablo Cody, "Young Adult." 

"Young Adult" tells the story of a ghost writer of young adult novels (Charlize Theron) who returns to her hometown in Minnesota to confront her ex-boyfriend (Patrick Wilson), who is now married and wants nothing to do with her (he apparently doesn't realize she's Charlize freakin' Theron). 

Reaser will be playing Wilson's wife.  The cast also includes Patton Oswalt, who plays Theron's best friend and the voice of reason as her pal's behavior becomes more bizarre and unreasonable. 

Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody previously collaborated on another dark comedy, "Juno," which won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.