Exclusive 'Savage County' Clip: Pure, Unadulterated Savagery

[caption id="attachment_10541" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="MTV"]Savage County[/caption]

If you're thinking up a ridiculously awesome prank for Halloween this year, you might want to check out MTV's new horror flick "Savage County" before going through with it. 

When a group of high school students pull off a supposedly harmless prank during a hazing, they end up accidentally killing a man and seriously pissing off his next of kin, who might as well be named Manson. 

What follows includes kidnapping, torture and death, so you should totally check it out to find out how to avoid bodily dismemberment (this year, anyway).

As the clip below shows, the story hinges on hair-raising suspense and brutal acts of violence without turning into your run-of-the-mill torture porn.  This definitely has us amped to see more and find out just who makes it out alive (spoiler alert: the clip shows one of their deaths). 

You can catch the world premiere of "Savage County" tonight on MTV2 at 11 p.m. EST. 

But be warned, you might want to keep the eggs in the fridge this Samhain.

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