Next Factor: Aaron Johnson

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Aaron Johnson is on the cusp of going from "Nowhere Boy" to Somewhere Man.

With his piercing blue eyes and charming frankness, the 20-year-old British actor's star is certainly on the rise. Of course, a resume that takes him from a pathetic wannabe superhero to a young John Lennon doesn't hurt either.

The breakout "Kick-Ass" star returns to theaters in "Nowhere Boy," which takes a look at Lennon as a teenager, examining his relationships with his mother, his aunt and his new friend, Paul McCartney. Johnson admits playing such a beloved public figure was a bit daunting.

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"I can't deny that I was slightly nervous to begin with," he tells NextMovie. "But I think I used those nerves as sort of jet power to make sure I could go through as much research as possible… If I know where my boundaries are and I know as much details and facts, then I felt I could throw it all away and not worry about that and what people think."

In addition to learning to play the guitar, banjo and harmonica and sing for the part, Johnson found a pair of entirely new roles in his real life – that of husband and father. The youngster fell in love and married his "Nowhere Boy" director, Sam Taylor-Wood, 43, and they welcomed a daughter in July.

"I love being a father and I feel like I was meant to be a father," he admits.

Apparently, he was meant to be an actor as well.

What was your first acting gig?

I was on stage in the West End and was in a Stephen Daldry play – I forget what it's called – one that he directed. I remember performing onstage. I didn't have any lines or anything. And then I did "Macbeth" when I was like eight.

What was the first thing you bought with your first movie paycheck?

My mom's car. It was a Honda CRV. She didn't have a good car. I thought her car kept on breaking down like a bad car. I bought it when it first came out – it was quite expensive. I also bought a holiday for our family. We went to Spain for a couple weeks.

Are there any actors' careers you aspire to?

I want to be just me. I don't want to be any other actor.

Are there any specific performances you remember seeing and thinking, "I would kill to ever be that good?"

Daniel Day-Lewis in almost anything. Gary Oldman. I'm a huge fan of Tarantino's stuff. I love Harvey Keitel and Michael Madsen and people like that. And I like [David] Fincher's movies too. Brad Pitt in "Seven" and "Fight Club" was like that's the s**t I want to do.

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Mac or PC?


Rock or rap?


New York or L.A.?

New York.

"Star Wars" or "Star Trek"?

"Star Wars."

Zac Efron or Zach Galifianakis?

Who the f**k's the other one?

He was in "The Hangover."

The one with the beard?