Sam Raimi is The Man Behind the Curtain for 'Oz' Prequel

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Disney has pulled back the curtain on their new "Oz" prequel, and the man behind it is none other than Sam Raimi.

According to Deadline, Raimi, who is best known for directing the "Spider-man" franchise and for his cult classic "Evil Dead" films, has agreed to helm "Oz: The Great and Powerful," which tells the story of how the wonderful "Wizard of Oz" transformed himself from a side show charlatan into the most powerful person in the magical land of Oz.

Also joining the production is Pulitzer-Prize winning writer David Lindsay-Abaire, who will handle the scripting duties. Lindsay-Abaire previously worked with Raimi on the aborted screenplay for "Spider-man 4" before Raimi abandoned the project.

The announcements from Disney may also help them land their hotly-coveted choice for lead actor, Robert Downey Jr, who has been circling the film for months without committing.

The additions of Raimi and Lindsay-Abaire, combined with the fantastic worldwide success of Disney's similarly themed "Alice in Wonderland" sequel could make the film an attractive project for Downey, who pretty much doesn't have time to waste these days with movies that aren't going to be blockbusters.

A 3D "Oz" with this kind of pedigree, however, might be just what the wizard ordered.