Cool Clicks: Disney Princesses Show Off Their Saucy Halloween Costumes

We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to.

[caption id="attachment_10334" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Tumblr"][/caption]

•  Don't the Disney princesses look fab in their pop star Halloween costumes? Someone on Tumblr dressed Jasmine in a Rihanna costume, Snow White as Katy Perry, Cinderella as Lady Gaga, Belle as Britney Spears and Tiana as Beyoncé.

•  The third installment of "Transformers" has a name and it's not "The Transformers Movie After Megan Fox Got Fired." It'll be called "Transformers: The Dark of the Moon," Collider confirms.

•  Nerve has discovered the formula to winning "Life As We Know It" star Katherine Heigl's heart and has illustrated it in a 90-second video. Thanks, guys.

•  We may have listed only 10, but HitFix has a gallery of more than 30 contenders for the Academy Award for Best Picture. Needless to say, some are major long shots.

•  Wanna see Orlando Bloom in his new ad for Uniqlo? We thought so.

•  The "Green Lantern" website has launched, but it only has a really cool animated logo right now. Expect hot pictures of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively soon, though. Very soon, we hope.

•  Oh, what a night! The rights to Broadway's "Jersey Boys" have been scooped up to be made into a movie, Deadline reports. But who should play Frankie Valli?

•  Wonder how to do the makeup from "Black Swan?" Fox Searchlight has a slew of videos with instructions.

•  In honor of the upcoming sci-fi flick, "JIM," you can do their "Gene Masher" on Facebook, that morphs pictures of you and your pals. Creepy.