Really Paranormal Activity: A 'Parallel Sequel' to 'Paranormal Activity' Heads for Japan

[caption id="attachment_9715" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Paramount"]Paranormal Activity 2[/caption]

Just when you thought the future of film rested in special effects and marketing partnerships, a studio does something completely unexpected to throw the status quo off-course. 

In a (seemingly) unprecedented move, Paramount has authorized a Japanese production of a “parallel sequel” to “Paranormal Activity.”

Don’t be fooled by convention: “Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night” is not a Japanese version of “Paranormal Activity 2,” which releases in the United States this fall. It’s also not a Japanese remake of the original.

So then, what is it? As reported by SlashFilm, it’s being called a totally independent story rooted in the “Paranormal Activity” world. In other words, it’s a true expansion of this hit horror franchise.

Though it’s being penned and directed by Japan’s own Toshikazu Nagae, the story will tie directly back to the United States when a Japanese student travels to San Diego—and brings a ghost home with him in the process that then unleashes on Tokyo.

Packed with bustling people and compact homes, this new city brings with it a myriad of new possibilities for heart-pounding hauntings. While this move by Paramount may be out of the ordinary, we’re banking it will result in a film that's pretty out of the ordinary as well.