Check This: The Man Who Played Jabba the Hutt – And Licked Princess Leia

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Ever been to a "Star Wars" convention? Then you'll likely have met the sea of extras and stuntmen making a cottage industry out of sales of their autograph because they happened to play "Third Stormtrooper From The Right" in one, brief, possibly deleted, scene.

Toby Philpott's claim to fame, though, rivals that of even the principal cast. He's the puppeteer in charge of Jabba the Hutt's tongue in "Return of the Jedi". You'll remember he licks his lips when he claps eyes on the unmasked Princess Leia.

Talking to our friends at Moviefone at last month's Celebration V event, Philpott recounts a story about a deleted take from that scene -- hopefully one that'll end up on the Blu-rays we're already destined to purchase -- in which Jabba's slimy tongue gets a little closer than Carrie Fisher was comfortable with.

In a word: eww.

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