Robert Rodriguez's 9 Foxiest Femme Fatales

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Like his sometimes-partner in crime, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez loves his leading ladies powerful, in control, and hot to the touch. In his latest B-movie homage "Machete," Rodriguez serves up not one but three badass babes (Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez and Lindsay Lohan).

Since first breaking out onto the scene will his tiny-budget debut, "El Mariachi," in which Consuelo Gomez starred as sexy bar owner Domino, Rodriguez has remained enamored with his flaming femmes.

If "Machete" is any indication, Rodriguez will continue to craft roles for women that put Bond's ladies to shame.

9. Rosario Dawson, 'Sin City' (2005)

With all the insane violence that defines "Sin City" not quite appropriate for TV, the clip that made the press rounds prior to the film's release was of Rosario Dawson's Gail rabidly making out with her on-and-off lover Dwight (Clive Owen). It was enough to put the film atop the box office during its first week of release. Gail appears during "The Big Fat Kill" chapter, as the leader of a band of prostitutes who witnesses one of her girls getting harassed and proceeds to get even. This is one hooker you don't want to underpay.

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8. Electra Avellan and Elise Avellan, 'Planet Terror' (2007) and 'Machete' (2010)

As Robert Rodriguez's nieces, twin sisters Electra and Elise Avellan obviously lucked out. Coolest uncle ever. Plus he cast them as the crazy babysitter twins in "Planet Terror." And crazy they are. When they get the chance to take out zombies with a variety of tools, it's clear they're having way too much fun. They're back for more as sexy nurses in "Machete" who help our hero flee a hospital infested with people sent to kill him. These are two ladies you want on your side.

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7. Carla Gugino, 'Spy Kids' (2001)

Feuding siblings Carmen and Juni Cortez think their parents are boring, but boy are they wrong. Turns out their parents, Ingrid (Gugino) and Gregorio (Antonio Banderas) are in fact semi-retired international spies. The stunning Gugino plays Ingrid with a mix of sensuality and toughness to make for one of the hottest mothers to grace the screen in recent memory. She spends much of the film in captivity, under the watchful eye of a scheming Teri Hatcher, but gets to her old spy self once her kids come to save the day.

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6. Michelle Rodriguez, 'Machete' (2010)

Rodriguez is an actress that screams badass. James Cameron put her charisma to memorable use in "Avatar." Rodriguez takes it a step further by handing Rodriguez one of her best roles since her breakout performance as a teen boxer in "Girlfight." In "Machete," Rodriguez plays Luz, a no-nonsense Mexican living in the U.S. who runs an underground network to help traffic Mexicans across the border. With Rodriguez running the operation, consider us pro-immigration.

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5. Jaime King, 'Sin City' (2005)

What's hotter than one Jaime King? Why two of course. In "Sin City," King first appears as the DROP-dead beauty Goldie. But not to fear, King shows up late in the game as Goldie's twin sister, Wendy, out to avenge her sibling's death. With flowing blond locks, and a raging fire in her eyes, King as Wendy is femme fatale to the max. Hurt her loved ones, and you'll pay the price.

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4. Eva Mendes, 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico' (2003)

It ain't easy out-sexying Salma Hayek (especially on her home turf, revising her "Desperado" role in the final film in Rodriguez's "Mariachi" trilogy), but that's exactly what the impossibly sultry Mendes does as an AFN agent with ulterior motives. Mendes turns up the south-of-the-border heat with every scene she appears in, whether it requires her to keep a straight face around Willem Dafoe's Mexican drug lord or canoodle an eyeless Johnny Depp.

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3. Rose McGowan, 'Planet Terror' (2007)

When stills of Rodriguez's Grindhouse homage "Planet Terror" hit the web, one indelible image struck a chord with fan boys across the globe: Rose McGowan ("Jawbreaker"), sporting a gun for a leg. As Cherry Darling, a bitter go-go dancer turned zombie-killing machine, McGowan mustered up all the sex appeal required of a Rodriguez dame, but added a layer of vulnerability with her sullen wisecracks to fully form a heroine truly worth rooting for. Darling indeed.

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2. Jessica Alba, 'Sin City' (2005)

Alba makes a late appearance in "Sin City," but it's well worth the wait. In a scene that just begs for more color (the movie is mostly in black and white, remember?) Alba is first seen gyrating her hips with a lasso in tow, as Nancy, an erotic dancer at Kadie's Bar. The film opens with Nancy as a child, and boy does she grow up, much to private eye Hartigan's (Bruce Willis) surprise. Hartigan shows up at the bar to reconnect with Nancy, who he thinks needs protecting – but she can clearly fend for herself.

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1. Salma Hayek, 'From Dusk Till Dawn' (1996)

Although Hayek only makes a fleeting appearance midway into Rodriguez's vampire schlock fest as Titty Twisters' star performer, Satanico Pandemonium, she walks away with the film's most talked about scene. In a snake-charming dance that Britney Spears later mimicked in her infamous "I'm a Slave 4 U" MTV Music Video Awards performance, Hayek rips into what is arguably the sexiest scene in Rodriguez's film canon. When she sticks her foot into Quentin Tarantino's mouth and proceeds to pour tequila down her leg, you know she means business.

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