Disaster Strikes 'Transformers 3' Set, Extra in Critical Condition

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And you thought Megan Fox not returning for the third “Transformers” film was bad news.

Local ABC news reports that a car stunt gone awry on the set of Michael Bay's "Transformers 3" in northwest Indiana has left an extra in critical condition.

The injured woman, Gabriela Cedillo, is a 24-year-old aspiring actress was working as an extra on the film for a reported $25. The accident occurred when Cedillo was driving her own 2006 Toyota on the opposite side of the road where the stunts were occurring.

Her vehicle was being towed by another vehicle when the cable between the two snapped, whipped around and apparently sliced through the Toyota and through Cedillo’s skull, according to another extra.

Filming the next day was canceled, though it’s unknown whether the cancellation was due to the accident.