Check This: 'Robocop': The Musical

[caption id="attachment_5545" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="MGM"]Robocop[/caption]

While one can only dream for Paul Verhoeven to one-day helm a musical (a "Showgirls" revamp anyone?), the Dutch bad boy director has yet to set his sights on a choral affair.

So for now, an inspired fan made musical tribute of Verhoeven's classic sci-fi action flick "RoboCop," will do just fine.

Created by Jon and Al Kaplan, the guys who brought you "Total Recall: The Musical" and "Fatal Attraction: The Musical," their latest effort features Alex J. Murphy (aka RoboCop) and his ex-police partner Anne Lewis belting out numbers like "Murphy It's You," a stirring ballad that lays out the elaborate plot for newbies in a mere three minutes.

So yeah, we'd watch this. Verhoeven's penchant for gore, fused with songs worthy of a sing-along, is enough to give "Sweeney Todd" a run for its money. [via Cinematical]

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