Check This: Luke Skywalker and Han Solo Kicking It Old School

[caption id="attachment_5713" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="YouTube"]Mark Hamill & Harrison Ford[/caption]

Few fans of the original "Star Wars" trilogy look on the special editions and prequels as anything more than evidence of the series' creator's slip into utter madness and greed in the years since the trilogy was re-released with changes in 1997.

But as this interview from 1980, unearthed by our friends at Cinematical, proves, even way back then, George Lucas had been planning to tell the story of the young Anakin Skywalker. Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill appeared on "Today" to talk up the impending release of "The Empire Strikes Back" and filled in a slightly lost host, Jane Pauley, on the overarching plans for "Star Wars."

More shocking than anything, though? They reminded us that back in 1980, ticket prices were a mere $5. Not to sound like grandparents, but… those were the days.