Check This: 'Full Metal Quacket'

[caption id="attachment_5226" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Everett Collection"]Full Metal Jacket[/caption]

Now that "Auto-Tune the News" has officially run its course (Seriously. Stop.), it's time for a new meme involving incongruous vocal techniques over serious source material.

Who better to use than R. Lee Ermey, the former drill instructor-turned-actor who's made a career out of yelling at people and coming up with insults so painful and bruising, you can feel it in your soul?

In the below clip from Stanley Kubrick's war classic "Full Metal Jacket," some master video manipulator has replaced the original voices with Disney characters, with Goofy as Joker, Mickey Mouse as Gomer Pyle, Pluto as Cowboy and Donald Duck in the lead role.

It kind of makes Ermey look, dare we say, almost lovable. Until we remember he wants to gouge out our eyes and skullf**k us.

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