Queue It Up: 'The Evil Dead' Limited Edition Blu-Ray

[caption id="attachment_5127" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Anchor Bay"]The Evil Dead Blu-ray[/caption]

In the annals of Hollywood, there have been countless types of dead. "The Living Dead." "The Walking Dead." "The Quick and the Dead." But most of those titles leave something to the imagination -- sure, they're dead, but does that make them bad people?

There's one film, though, that cuts right through the ambiguity and tells it to you straight: "The Evil Dead."

And today Sam Raimi's classic horror film crawls out of the grave one more time for an all-new Blu-ray release sure to leave you huddling in fear and wondering if it's too late to change your vacation plans. Let's just say after you watch "The Evil Dead," that trip to your parents' cabin up in the woods isn't going to seem like such a great idea.

So what's the big deal, other than the fact this groundbreaking, low-budget 1981 flick introduced the world to Raimi's epic directing talents? Well, it also turned millions of fans on to the inimitable Bruce Campbell, who stars here in his first role as Ash, the leader of a group of pals who head into the woods and learn the hard way why reading passages from the Necronomicon is a total grade-A party foul.

And it couldn't have come at a better time; when "Evil Dead" was released, after all, horror movies had degenerated into a series of Hollywood productions big in budget and small in scares. Raimi's soon-to-be cult classic brought terror back to its roots, sometimes quite literally, as in an unforgettable sequence that will have you thinking twice before you climb your next tree.

Our suggestion: Lock your doors, bar your windows and settle down in front of your TV for a night of pure fright. But if you hear something at the door, don't answer it. After all, these aren't "The Knocking Dead" -- they're "The EVIL Dead." And as you'll find out, they got that name for a damn good reason.

Extras! The disc is chock-full of bonus features, including audio commentary with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, alternate takes, cast interviews, a fan overview and test footage, among other goodies.