Drew Barrymore's 9 Most Adorkable Moments

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Thank you, word mashers, for finally giving us the perfect adjective to describe one of our favorite actresses.

Whether she's a pig-tailed moppet freaking out about an alien sighting or pretending to be a cool teen while scoping out a story as an undercover reporter, Drew Barrymore can't help but be the most adorkable actress on the big screen.

With adorkableness turned up to 10 in her new movie "Going the Distance," a rom-com opposite real-life beau Justin Long, we take a look back at nine of her most geeky yet endearing movie moments.

'E.T.' (1982)

She started her acting career as an 11-month-old, starring in commercials for everything from dog food to cookie dough, but the first thing most of us remember seeing Drew Barrymore in is "E.T." She was, yes, the adorkable Gertie, who screamed when she first laid her peepers on E.T., but who, like big brother Elliott (Henry Thomas), came to love the little Reese's Pieces-chompin' alien lug.

'Never Been Kissed' (1999)

Barrymore herself may be too cool for school (seriously: the former child star never finished high school in real life), but as undercover journalist Josie Gellar, posing as a high schooler and trying (fruitlessly) to fit in with the cool kids, Barrymore was a dud. An adorkable one, though, from her dorky 'do and feather boa to her doofy, waddle-like run down the hall. Josie's nickname during her actual high school years was "Josie Grossie," but grown up Josie proves to be so endearing that she even wins the hand, or rather, the lips, of handsome English teacher Mr. Coulson (Michael Vartan).

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'The Wedding Singer' (1998)

She was engaged to marry the obnoxious, "Miami Vice"-lovin' Glenn (Matthew Glave), but Barrymore's Julia really had a little thing for Adam Sandler's wedding singer Robbie in this romantic comedy gem. In this scene, with cousin Holly (Christine Taylor) egging her on to practice what kind of kiss she'll plant on Glenn during their ceremony, Julia explains that some tongue is okay in the matrimonial kiss: "not porno tongue... church tongue."

'Never Been Kissed' (1999)

In her quest to be cool, Josie strikes again in this clip, which finds her accepting some "special" brownies from new friends she makes at a club. The jazzed Josie then takes the stage for a wacky dance that includes a split, butt bongo and the Cabbage Patch (sorta), and then proceeds home, where, experiencing a serious case of the munchies, she finishes off a whole pie.

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'My Date With Drew' (2004)

Spoiler alert: If you haven't seen "My Date With Drew," we're about to blow the ending wide open. Still here? OK, dude gets the girl. Or, at least, he gets a date with her. Aspiring filmmaker Brian Herzlinger spent his last $1,100 making this charming little documentary, in which he follows the six degrees of separation theory to try to meet his childhood crush, Barrymore. When they do finally schedule the big date, she's as delightfully giddy and nervous as he is, and they both arrive with gifts for each other: for him, a videocamera (she's generous, as well as adorkable), and for her, a Snoopy Sno-cone Machine.

'Fever Pitch' (2005)

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Ben (Jimmy Fallon) loves Lindsey (Barrymore) and the Boston Red Sox, and not necessarily in that order. At least, that's the big question running through the baseball-themed romantic comedy, as Lindsey struggles to compete with Ben's deep love of the Sox. In the end, she realizes that he realizes she's more important than bats and balls, and after a quick breakup, the duo reunites when she makes a mad dash across the Fenway Park field -- in the middle of a live game -- to let him know that he doesn't have to sell his season tickets to prove his love for her. Sweet, funny, and on the adorkability scale: a home run.

'50 First Dates' (2004)

Amnesia-stricken Lucy (Barrymore) is such a nice, peaceful girl... most of the time. But she's also a member of her community watch program in this flick that re-teams her with "Wedding Singer" co-star Adam Sandler, so when the reserved Lucy happens upon a situation in which she thinks Henry (Sandler) is being attacked by Ula (Rob Schneider), she takes her baseball bat and gives Ula the pummeling of a lifetime. The most adorkable moment: At the end of the clip, when Lucy, on a dime, turns from screaming bat-wielder into smiling flirt.

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'Music & Lyrics' (2007)

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Barrymore's Sophie, an aspiring writer, was devastated when her older lover Sloan (also her professor) dumped her, told her she was untalented and based an unflattering character on her in his novel. So when she runs into Sloan (Campbell Scott) at a restaurant after a career success of her own, she plans to finally deliver the eloquent speech she's fantasized about, letting him know just how much he hurt her. Instead, nerves take over, and all that comes out is stammered gibberish. "The few syllables you got out were absolutely devastating," friend Alex (Hugh Grant) assures her.

'Going the Distance' (2010)

We see Drew, as Erin, begin her relationship with Justin Long's Garrett by sloppily spitting some bad wine back into her glass, and we progress to the duo getting busy on the dining room table -- her sister's dining room table -- without noticing that sis's hubby (Jim Gaffigan) is looking on. Two things the 'Distance' trailer suggests: 1) Add in Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Ron Livingston and Christina Applegate as Barrymore's sister, and this is one fantastic cast, and, 2) With age, the now 35-year-old former child star Drew only grows more and more adorkable.

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